Mercury and intelligence astrology

Intelligence, Knowledge and Wisdom. It is the ability or mental capacity or brainpower to apply reason for judgement and understanding. Knowledge and intelligence are quite different things.

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It is intelligence which gives depth of understanding of various concepts and ability to put acquired knowledge to the best practical use. Knowledge is also used to mean the confident understanding of a subject, potentially with the ability to use it for a specific purpose. It is an intangible quality gained presumably through experience.

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In a birth Chart the 5th house signifies intelligence. The 5th house, its lord and the general significators Mercury and Jupiter need to be considered. The brain is represented by the ascendant therefore the ascendant and its lord should also be analysed. A detailed analysis of the above stated astrological factors reveals the level of intelligence of the native. The sign falling in the 5th house reveals about the mental attitude of a person as described in the table below:. Conjunction of Mercury and Sun in the 10th house of action and profession is an auspicious Yoga giving him good intelligence.

Aspect of this combination on the 4th house of education gave him interest to acquire knowledge. Placement of the 9th lord Saturn in the 10th square house is very auspicious and gave him name, fame and good luck in achievements. Conjunction of Rahu with exalted Mars in the 8th house of deep thought gave him success in research work. Mars in his horoscope falls in the constellation of the 4th lord Sun and is also the lord of the constellations of the 5th and 9th cusps.

It is worth mentioning here that Rahu gives a scientist the ability to solve the mysteries of nature. Mercury will modify according to the Saturn nature. If Saturn is benefic according to your ascendant then it helps Mercury and if Saturn is malefic then Mercury behave as a malefic planet.

What is Saturn? Saturn is our limitation in life. It sets boundaries to what we can and cannot achieve.

Effects of Mercury in different houses

The nature of Saturn is that we feel the pain and suffering of our limitation and the complexes. Saturn is the taskmaster, fear, based on tangible things rather than just an imaginary fear. Saturn shows you the truth and reality of life. Saturn limits our ability of certain aspects of our life depending upon the sign and house it is ruling.

The Significance of Mercury in Astrology

Saturn is the planet of the world and it makes us to be more practical and disciplined if we want to achieve something in materialistic world. What is Mercury? Mercury is the messenger, of your soul, what Mercury see, listen, perceive, and gather information just give to the soul, and according to the all these information, soul you act.

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Mercury is neutral in nature. It behave according to the in which sign it is placed, and which planets it conjunct. If it placed with benefic planet it become benefic and if it placed with malefic it became malefic.


Mercury represents siblings, neighbor, discrimination, intelligence, information, communication, speech, business, management, calculation and logical mind. It represents siblings, playfulness in our nature. Mercury and Saturn conjunction:. Mercury placed with Saturn that person is clever in guiding the mind of others. Mercury is intelligence and Saturn is depth. This depth can be used in worldly matters, i.

In highly intelligent and scrupulous people, this depth may be used for better purpose, such as deep and profound study of philosophy and the sciences. This conjunction gives impact on communication and intelligence of the person. Saturn is cold and slow moving planet, and when it's conjunction with the planet of communication, there can be some feelings of insecurity about how we speak and communicate in general.

Saturn conjunction with Mercury makes person communication, and intelligence slow. These people generally not like to communicate much and they like to keep quiet. Saturn inhibits the communication ability, due to this person not able to communicate about their problems and suffocate themselves not sharing any emotional pain or their problems in life. They always have fear in speaking and lack of confidence related with communications.

They may be intelligent but due to Saturn conjunction they understand late for example if someone crack some joke there is possibility with them they may not understand on that time but understand later. This conjunction gives different result in different sign. Mercury and Saturn conjunction Aries: Your intelligence and communication is under the influence of both "Hurry up and slow down.

Try to think clearly to avoid forgetfulness. Under other good influences, this may allow you to dive deeply into certain scientific and other intellectual pursuits. Mercury and Saturn conjunction Taurus: You are capable of doing or saying the exact right thing in order to bring about pleasure for others.

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It also gives you the ability to get what you want in a very precise way. You probably like very finely made electronic devices and precise instruments, that are simultaneously powerful, very controlled and cool, especially if they are inventions or instruments which give pleasures.

Mercury in Astrology

Mercury and Saturn conjunction Gemini: Intelligent, and an effective speaker or writer. Interests in music and dancing or handicraft. This Mercury, if posited in the 1st, 3rd 4th, or 9th house, draws the person to science studies. It gives creative ability in writing or teaching profession. Good mathematical ability and reasoning power.