November 2 weekly horoscope

Hold on tight! While all signs grapple with their identity, there may be more fights, conflicts, and issues that arise. How to get through the day? Be generous, be kind, and give the benefit of the doubt. Want to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your horoscope! You may be sensitive to judgment or criticism, but use it to make you better.

While you may be tempted to hibernate, that will only make you feel worse. Knot it, own it, and feel the fear and do it anyway. What does your soul crave in ? Your Vedic horoscope can tell you …. Not writing things down or putting things on your calendar could be your downfall today. Time to take control, and fix what you can—you may be doing work that no one expects you to do, and taking it off your plate will free up a lot of time.

What color is your aura, and where is it leading you? Ask the Chakra Tarot…. The good news: Any disagreements that occur—which may seem like they come out of nowhere—are likely to be more blowing off tension than be indicative of a larger issue in your relationship. You may have been putting them off due to work these past few weeks, but the stars say taking time to truly focus and honor your relationships will only improve your whole life. Schedule a date night! Need an instant answer to a tough question? This Tarot deck has it. Deep breaths, Libra.

Jupiter ducked into the last house of your chart a few weeks ago for a yearlong visit and will hold meetings with the sun and Mercury this week that offer a glimpse of your journey. Spiritual wisdom and inner truths become ever more important, so honor what your subconscious is trying to teach you.

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Growth and learning come through letting go now; absorb the lessons from and make peace with the past. Looking back with an open mind can show you the path forward.

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And compassion for yourself and others can translate to selfless generosity that has a ripple effect. Extra rest and solitude will help you chillax. And if restlessness seems to be a problem, get out and about and feed your curiosity.

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With Venus and Uranus facing off, a mood swing or an unexpected development on the home front can compel you to forget about charming higher-ups and polishing your public image for a minute, so be prepared to switch gears. Parental discord can also throw you off-balance. You might extend your reach if a post goes viral or an idea of yours catches on.

Expanding your network will nurture your new aspirations. But avoid a my-way-or-the-highway mindset because Jupiter can be a know-it-all at times! Having the best interests of others in mind should motivate you to act, working with what you have.

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  8. A faceoff between Venus and your ruling planet can bring a pleasant diversion that keeps boredom at bay, and it hints at an impromptu getaway. Think outside the box when it comes to what or who is beautiful and interesting! Your mind may be on your career or more personal aims, but since Mercury is backtracking for a couple more weeks, misunderstandings with a boss or parent and missteps along the path to success can irk you.

    A burst of optimism about your prospects for success has the potential to propel you forward on your path, and you might have luck landing a plum job or attracting positive attention. Do your best to look at the reality of the situation and not just your subjective take on it.

    Your Daily Horoscope for Thursday, November 2: Be True to You

    And use all this yang energy to take strategic action that moves the ball forward. With Mercury and Venus sauntering into your exploration sector next, the appeal of newness and difference grows, luring you to meet people and enjoy unfamiliar social and cultural experiences. Bear in mind that Mercury is still retrograde, which can gum up the works with travel and education and produce heated debates.

    Jupiter recently arrived in your exploration corner and will be touring that part of your chart for the next year. So when the sun and Mercury encounter the largest planet this week, you can get an idea of what this transit has in store for you. Seek out different experiences, people, places and ideas that will provide opportunities for you to learn and grow. A spirit of adventure emboldens you to take chances and bring more excitement into your life. You should be feeling pretty hopeful and driven to discover fresh possibilities. Stay off the soapbox, though, as Jupiter has a tendency to proselytize.

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    Merc and the sun are poking Mars in your subliminal zone, so you might get carried away and end up doing something to undermine yourself. Examining your hidden motives from different angles can stop self-sabotage in its tracks. Attempt to direct strong convictions towards productive, humble, behind-the-scenes work.

    If you require time off from closeness, say so as diplomatically as you can. Mercury and Venus are dancing into your depth sector, upping the appeal of intimacy, passion projects and emotional transformation. Since Mercury is still in reverse, you might find yourself reflecting on a loss or reminiscing about a past lover.

    Weekly Horoscope: November 26 - December 2

    The planets are doubling down on the theme of diving deep into your psyche, significant relationships and passion projects and reaping the rewards of this intense focus. If you need support, Jupiter will incline others to be generous with you, but a spirit of give-and-take is essential to maintaining fairness in relations since the planet of largesse can tempt you to ask too much of someone. On the flipside, a selfless impulse might lead to a loving gesture that serves the greater good.

    Your one-on-one interactions will help you really come alive this week when the sun and Jupiter meet up in your partnership angle. Mercury also has a rendezvous scheduled with the largest planet, underscoring the potential for learning through relationships and about relationships. You should have luck getting back in touch with people who are able to enhance your life and open doors for you.

    You might travel with a companion, and revisiting places will probably prove easier than going somewhere for the first time. Mercury and the sun are also battling Mars in your achievement angle, suggesting that personal ambition may conflict with this intention to maintain a good rapport in your relationships, and you might end up chasing after your own goals. But you also might inspire each other to climb to greater heights—separately or in tandem—if you respect each other as equals. A Venus-Uranus opposition can bring about surprising romantic sparks or spontaneous fun with friends.

    Use this time to tweak your routine, research jobs, review health matters and brush up on your skills. Take pride in how much you can get done this week when the sun and Mercury align with Jupiter in your efficiency corner.

    Your Daily Horoscope for Thursday, November 2: Be True to You |

    You have the energy to accomplish plenty of the tasks on your to-do list and will have a positive attitude about making yourself useful. You might take a step back and revise a work project; rethink your daily modus operandi; try a novel approach to a problem; take on a wider range of duties; polish your skills; reconnect with old colleagues; or critique something in broad strokes, filling in details later.

    You can agree to disagree! Venus and Uranus are locked in a standoff, jeopardizing your enjoyment of home and family. You might have to deal with an unforeseen development or demand from a boss, so accept that juggling work and pleasure is just part of life. A planetary party in your fulfillment house brings out oodles of your unmistakably Leo energy this week, giving you the go-ahead to express who you are and show off a little.

    Your intentions could be misread if you hog the mike, since Mercury is still in backspin mode. But by no means should you hide in the shadows! Meet luck halfway by confidently putting yourself out there and living life boldly on your terms.